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Our Testimonials:

1) Visited Dr. Ushakiran for sinus treatment and it was quite effective. 1 month treatment has bough my sinus under complete control.
Thanks a lot.

From: Mr. C.Ram (7798042726); received via email on 24 Jan 2016.

2) I am cured of my skin infection and patches on skin. The treatment lasted for 3 months and results were very good.
I took allopathic medicines before and it has a lot of side effects.

From: Miss. Pranavi P ; received via feedback form on 12 Dec 2015

3) I had severe problem of kidney stone and the pain was unbearable. The homeopathic medicine worked wonders and I am totally cured of kidney stone. The treatment shows results gradually and I am living a happy/painfree life now. Highly recommended.

From: Mr. Rohit R.  ; received verbal feedback on 18 Aug 2015.

4) My severe gastritis problem was controlled effectively. It was foul smell and bad when in public.
I am totally satisfied now with homeopathic treatment.

From: Mr. Sushil K.  ; received verbal feedback on 18 Aug 2015.

5) I had a lot of stress due to work pressure and was diagnosed with stress induced hypertension. I took online consultation of HomeoPulse for 3 months when in Dubai and now my stress and blood pressure levels are under control. I live a balanced life with lifestyle management consultancy received and sleep for 7-8 hours regularly , which was impossible before. Thanks HomeoPulse.

From: Mr. Purushotham Reddy ; received via feedback form on 25 Mar 2015.

6) My one and half year old daughter was suffering from cough and fever. I opted for homeopathy and visited Dr. Ushakiran. The cough/cold and fever was treated very effectively and I now opt only homeopathy for my daughter.
Highly recommended. Treat your kids with Homeopathy.
From: Mrs. Shikha Sharma ; received feedback verbally on 15 Mar 2016

7.I was suffering from extreme pain in neck and stiffness & was not able to do my routine work properly. One of my friend told about Dr Ushakiran Thute who was successfully treated there. I met Dr Ushakiran, she explained me about my condition, prognosis and treatment very well.I took homeopathic treatment as per advice & in mere 1 month i got such a relief that it was above my expectation. Many thanks to Dr Ushakiran Thute.
Highly recommended !!!!!
From :Rishi

8.Visited For Bronchitis Treatment
The doctor diagnosed me well and treated with care and patience. She would answer all my queries and clarified the doubts.
I was cured with chronic disease completely.Thanks a lot.

9.I had severe hair fall and pimples on face. I was on treatment for 2 -3 month. Dr. Ushakiran advised me homeo medication, diet, and some life style changes .My experience was very good..Now I m taking medicine for headache.
From : Aarti Bhat

10.I have very nice experience with Dr Ushakiran Thute.I am coming for  treatment from 3-4 months.I  am fully satisfied with treatment as well as my Doctor.My kidney problem is now cured and now taking treatment for skin problem.I am thankful to my doctor.
From- Kalyani Patil.


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